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Our Bookie
in hair an make up
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Cast photo
on the immersive set for the premiere
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Our Potion Maker
stocking up her stool
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Camera Rehearsal
preparing for the live broadcast
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Bare knuckle boxers
rehearsing for their fight
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Tinkling the ivories
ready to entertain in our 19th century tavern
For the launch of this video game we were involved with creating an immersive 19th century gang ridden London complete with a food market, bare knuckle boxers, gang members, live music and the main characters from the game.

We supplied the core characters in full authentic costume. Our actors studied in detail the character backgrounds and storylines allowing us to recreate scenes from the game as well as improvising new scenes in the style of the game allowing them to interact authentically with game makers and top Assassins Creed fans that attended the premiere.

In order to achieve a truly immersive experience for the attendees they had to be able to believe and relate to the characters they meet. We pride ourselves in providing fully trained professional performers and creatives who understand the importance of background research in order to create deep and complex characters that can improvise effectively and bounce off natural conversations with the attendees and other performers.

Their gait, accents and body language are also essential parts of this. We will work closely with our clients in order to ensure character detail and the action is as true to the brief and storyline as possible

Costume & Hair execution is also a vital part of allowing audiences to become immersed and believe in the imaginary world we are creating for them. This was achieved by once again ensuring realism, simple techniques such as ageing and dirtying down of costumes to ensure they dont look like they have just come off the shop rail and making sure the collection all match to the same colour pallet, ensuring once again that attendees can be immersed in the experience and that all the characters fit in to the world we have created